EPDM rubber membrane is a real quality product which has to be fitted properly to make it look right.

At SM Roofline we are highly experienced in rubber roofing and Grp membranes,  we are on the approved installers list for rubber roofing direct, this means we are trained to the highest standard and we have a regular supplier of materials which means we can pass this discount onto our customers.

Flat roofing systems
There a many forms of flat roof materials available however SM Roofline chooses to install EPDM rubber membrane or Grp system as we believe these to be the best products on the market.

EPDM is our preferred system and the advantages of this product is that it is fitted in one piece therefore there are no joints. We will visit your property to measure your roof size and the membrane gets cuts to size and delivered in a roll.
It is applied using a heat free method therefore there are no flames or gasses used as opposed to the felt system. It can be cut up to 15m x 30m in one piece so will fit most domestic properties.

It looks very neat and tidy when its fitted and compliments the plastic fascia and soffits very well with the trims used to finish the roof, these trims can be finished in black or white. It is proven to last 50 years, we have been using this product for the past 5 years and really enjoy working with it and we will confidently offer a 20 year guarantee on all EPDM installations.

EPDM is best suited to a stand alone dwelling with no skylights.

Grp flat roofing system

Smroofline uses the cure it Grp system, we are highly experienced in the installation of this product.

There are many advantages to using this product, as with the EPDM it has no seams or joints to worry about. The matting used comes in different thicknesses allowing for heavier use if for instance you would like to use your roof for a balcony or garden roof.The top coat comes in various colours.

The Grp system I would recommend if there is a lot of detail i.e skylights or pipes exiting the roof or if you were to want to use your roof as a balcony.


We offer a 20 year guarantee with all of our flat roofing systems. +