At SM Roofline we believe our roofline products and services are the best around, we guarantee our prices will not be beaten and our services will be extremely hard to beat too.

Why change your roofline?
The two main advantages of changing your roofline are no more painting wooden fascia and soffits and no more leaky gutters. But there are far more benefits when you have your fascia’s, soffits and gutters changed with SM Roofline.

When we replace your roofline we make sure we remove any wooden fascia and soffits and we never cap over the existing wood, this allows us to put an over fascia ventilation system onto the new uPVC fascia board which will allow your loft space to breath. This is extremely important now that most houses are very well insulated. We remove the first course of tiles to cut back any rotten felt on the edge and also to expose timber rafters, rotten timber rafters will be repaired to allow a suitable fixing and a drip tray will be fitted underneath the existing roof felt which will allow water to run straight into gutters and not behind and run down the fascia board. If necessary we will also fit a bird combe, this is used when you have a roll in your roof tile and will stop birds nesting in your eaves.

Most of our roofline work is completed using our own access equipment which saves our customers not only money but unsightly scaffold and neighbour issues as our access equipment is erected by us and taken away the same day.
Our roofline products come in different colours. we can show you samples of all of our colours on survey, the coloured fascia and soffits are all woodgrain effect and look superb.

Our gutters can be many colours and designs, the choice is yours.