The ABCs of Fascia Boards – What Every Homeowner Should Know

Fascia boards: you may have heard the term thrown around in conversations about home maintenance or renovations, but do you actually understand what they are and why they’re important? At SM Roofline, We’re here to help you understand this often-forgotten part of your home’s exterior. 

What Exactly is a Fascia Board?

Let’s start with the basics. Fascia boards, also called the roofline, are the long, straight boards that run along the bottom edge of your roof. They connect the roof to the outside wall of your house. Usually, they’re fixed right onto the roof trusses and help hold up the first row of roof tiles and the guttering system.

How Do Fascia Boards Work?

Fascia boards do more than just look nice on your house. They help keep your roof and inside safe from bad weather. They also stop water from getting inside by holding up the guttering, which can collect a lot of water when it rains heavily. Plus, they can have bird combs to stop birds from nesting, so your roof stays bird-free.

Are Fascia Boards Necessary?

Simply put, yes. Fascia boards are a crucial part of any home. They shield your house from bad weather, hold up the guttering, and stop the rafters from rotting. Plus, there are many different shapes, sizes, and colours to choose from, so you can pick ones that perfectly match your home’s style.

Do Fascia Boards Require Treatment?

At SM Roofline, we use high-quality uPVC fascia boards that need very little upkeep. Unlike old-fashioned timber ones that might need painting or treating to stop them from rotting, uPVC boards are strong and durable. We suggest giving them a quick clean once a year to keep them doing their job well. Don’t worry, we can do that for you too! Check out our Cleaning & Maintenance service.

When Should Fascia Boards Be Replaced?

It’s important to know when your fascia boards need replacing to keep your home strong. Look out for signs like cracks, paint coming off, rotting wood, leaks from the gutter, poor ventilation, or pests. If you think your fascia boards might need changing, get in touch with us, and we’ll take a look.

Who Can Replace Fascia Boards?

If you need to replace your fascia boards, look no further than SM Roofline. Our team of experts is fully trained for working at heights and equipped with the necessary access equipment to get the job done safely and efficiently. Plus, our roofline comes with a 10-year insurance-backed guarantee, so you can trust that your investment is safe and sound.

Whether you’re in Essex, Hertfordshire, London, Kent, or beyond, we’re here to help with all your fascia board needs. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote, and let us make sure your home’s roofline stays strong for years to come.

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